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This ONE Drink Will Cause Crows Feet!

Crow’s feet are unsightly wrinkles around your eyes that can make you up to 10 years older than you actually are. Things such as diet, aging, and even the way you sleep can cause crow’s feet. 

However, did you know that this ONE drink can actually increase the development of crow’s feet and should not be consumed by people over 50?

Soda. Along with the long list of health issues that soda causes, the extremely high amounts of sugar in your soda actually breaks down the collagen in your skin. This will increase the negative aging effects around your eyes and face as well.

Additionally, the high levels of caffeine also keep you up at night which adds to the development of fine lines in your face.

 Don’t forget, soda might be one of the biggest drink choices to avoid but other drinks such as alcoholic beverages are also high in sugar and will cause similar if not more negative effects to your skin.