Nature can be brutal and terrifying at times. And those who want proof must watch this video that shows the exact moment a hungry crocodile pounces on a baby elephant near a watering hole. A video shared online shows the dramatic battle that ensues after the crocodile picks its next meal. Only, things don’t quite go as planned for the reptile.

Shared online by Alexander Makanga, the video shows a herd of elephants walking towards the watering hole. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a crocodile emerges out of the water and grabs the baby elephant’s trunk. The heard, understandably afraid, can be seen retrieving from the ongoing tussle. The baby elephant tries it’s best to free itself from the crocodile’s jaws but it’s apparent the reptile is far more powerful than it.

Luckily, the herd steps in to save one of its own. An older elephant can be seen stepping in to save the little one. The baby elephant eventually manages to get away from the crocodile.

According to Daily Star, the incident took place at Liwonde National Park in Malawi. Mr Makanga, a biomedical scientist, captured the scene from his safari boat.



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